I am so happy with all the website changes/additions. Thank you for your excellent work.

Adele Ne Jame, Author of The South Wind

Title page of  Here and Gone , produced in QuarkXPress. Display type is  Blue Island .

Title page of Here and Gone, produced in QuarkXPress. Display type is Blue Island.

El León Literary Arts in Berkeley has had the good fortune to use the typesetting services of Peak Services. Pat Matsueda has been helpful, creative, and professional in everything she does, creating for us beautiful books.

Kit Duane, Managing Editor of El León Literary Arts

Cover for  Poems and Essays from an Ordinary Room,  produced in InDesign. Photograph by  Wayne Levin .

Cover for Poems and Essays from an Ordinary Room, produced in InDesign. Photograph by Wayne Levin.

When my husband, Larry Levin, starting journaling as a way of coping with disability and chronic pain, little did we know that out of that coping mechanism would emerge poetry and prose that spoke to a universal need to connect with that deepest part of oneself in an attempt to make sense of this sometimes difficult life.

When Tom Farber, from El León Literary Arts, showed an interest, Larry REALLY got into it! I was drafted as the first one to type, read, listen, and edit, but his vision had the final say.

And then came Pat Matsueda! What a joy it was to receive the finished book. Her design was clean and crisp and inspired. Sadly, Larry passed away before he saw the final product, but I know he would have loved it. I (we) are so grateful for not only her esthetic but for her sensitivity. She "got" it. She understood at a visceral level what the message was, and that came through in the design of the book. Thank you, Pat.

Olivia Levin

Thank you for your wise and thoughtful editing of my novel Sea Home. The story is clearer, truer, and more fully itself thanks to your wonderful ear, unfailing intuition, and expert work. You are a master wordsmith.

Phyllis Gray Young, author of Sea Home

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate your help with the editing of the collection of stories that I translated from Vietnamese to English. The challenge was to retain what the authors wanted to convey and to do it in a manner that the English reader could relate to. Your editing clarified much of what I translated.

You also made it so much more exciting by rearranging the sentences, cutting the repetitions, and quickening the pace of the stories. I learned that punctuation marks are used differently in Vietnamese and English; even the construction of sentences is done differently.

Thank you for making it possible for English readers to enjoy the book.

Linda Liem, translator of Faith in Viet Nam and...Beyond

Promotional brochure produced in InDesign.

Promotional brochure produced in InDesign.

We really needed something that was professional and reflected well upon us. You gave us that, and we appreciate your beautiful work and expertise.

Frankie Enos, vice-president of The Actors' Group