Ms. Aligned on Hawai‘i Public Radio

On Friday, May 18, I appeared on The Conversation, a morning talk show broadcast on KHPR. I had been invited by Chris Vandercook, a musician and the co-host, with Catherine Cruz, of the show.

A few days before, I had sent Mr. Vandercook a copy of Ms. Aligned 2 with a letter suggesting that two of the contributors appear on the show. To my surprise, he invited me to talk about the book and how it came to be.

I mentioned the 2014 writers' conference at which four other women authors and I read the work we'd written about men, and I described the concept of the moral wound that John Gardner originated in his book On Moral Fiction. The #metoo movement, the writing of contributor Cassandra Lane Rich, and future plans for Ms. Aligned also came up in the course of our conversation.

It was exciting to be talking about a project that took us—my co-editors, Connie Pan and Rebecca Thomas, and our contributors—much hard work to realize. We are grateful that The Conversation gave us the chance to share Ms. Aligned with the listeners of Hawai‘i Public Radio.

Local shops


Punchbowl Coffee has a food truck—manned by the charming, bilingual (English and Japanese) Eric—on the Mānoa campus of the University of Hawai‘i. Favorite items are the energy tea and the burrito filled with peanut butter, fruits, and chia seeds.



Wayne Levin

The following news was received from photographer Wayne Levin, whom we've worked with through El León Literary Arts and Mānoa Journal. Wayne represents Hawai‘i in original, formidable images that capture the spirit and nature of these islands.

London based online magazine, The Bod Edit, published a very good article and interview of my work and thoughts about the Ocean. 
On my website I have new images on my New Work page and added a new section, Ghost Corals. The catastrophic coral bleaching event on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015-2016 killed over 50% of the corals on the Kona coast. 

 A screenshot of the homepage of Wayne's website. He also has an  Instagram page , managed by his daughter, Elise, a  singer  living in NYC.

A screenshot of the homepage of Wayne's website. He also has an Instagram page, managed by his daughter, Elise, a singer living in NYC.

Recent projects

Cover spread for Ms. Aligned, produced in QuarkXPress. 

In the past six months, we've worked on the following:

  • Proofreading a book-length translation of Bashō's account of his thousand-mile journey on foot. To aid the translator, we produced a style sheet with words, terms, and formatting notes so that he could achieve consistency throughout the book. Because this was an illustrated book, we also worked on the captions.
  • Producing the women's anthology Ms. Aligned: Women Writing About Men. Pictured above is the cover spread featuring the beautiful illustration work of Guatemalan artist Súa Agapé. We also designed the project website.


Micro stories

These tags, hangers, bags, and cards tell stories about the products. Included here are items from Creations by Kimura, Hopfe, Kaha, Nā Mea Hawai‘i, ’Ōiwi, Punchbowl Café, Rix, Stacey Lee, Tutuvi, and Vested Interest—all locally owned businesses.