Design experiments

cat family.png

Recently I discovered a program called Canva, which has numerous tools and templates that allow you to design such things as postcards, flyers, website banners, and so forth.

CHT flyer.jpg

The above image is something I created in response to a topic on the Center for Humane Technology's forum, an online group I joined in March. In referring to the categories and subcategories being considered during a forum reorganization, one of the admins had used the terms cats and subcats.

On the right is something else I came up with: a simple flyer or poster for the organization. I thought of the word digitarian to suggest people who like to supplement their mind-body diets with digital conversations.

The designs below were shape and color experiments. It was fun to discover that flat objects could be made to appear three-dimensional by simply repeating them. I know this is a basic design principle, but it was thrilling to discover it for myself.


experiment with dark colors


experiment with bright colors