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pat matsueda

Since 1992, Pat has been the managing editor of Mānoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, the literary journal of the University of Hawai‘i Press. Before that, she was a technical editor for the Water Resources Research Center, a multidisciplinary research unit on UH’s Mānoa campus. In 2017, she served as a member of an NEA review panel in literature.

Selected publications: wrote Stray, a book of poetry (El León Literary Arts and Mānoa Books, 2006); did interior design and typesetting for An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands and Backstage in a Bureaucracy; coedited and produced the 2017 edition of Ms. Aligned: Women Writing About Men. Her most recent authored book is Bedeviled: A Novella (Mānoa Books / El León Literary Arts, 2016).


erin sueyoshi

Erin has expertise in producing technical illustrations in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Adobe Illustrator. Logos designed by Pat were produced by Erin in Adobe Illustrator. A state agency’s organizational chart was given to Peak Services in rough form and redesigned and produced in QuarkXPress by Erin. Because QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are competing applications, we offer typesetting and layout services in both.

Erin also offers advice and help with computer hardware and software; he has experience in both Windows and Mac OS.

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noah perales-estoesta

Noah was born and raised on O‘ahu. In spring 2015, he received his undergraduate degrees in English and Spanish from the University of Hawai‘i; the following spring, he moved to Brazil as the recipient of a Fulbright grant. His publishing experience includes an apprenticeship as a Grace K.J. Abernethy fellow, appointment as Assistant Editor at Mānoa Journal, and his current work as Development and Digital Projects Specialist at the University of Hawai‘i Press

Noah also translates Brazilian literature from Portuguese and is working with Eric Becker, of Words Without Borders, on a feature for Mānoa Journal.

Selected publications: various issues of Mānoa, including Curve of the Hook: An Archaeologist in Polynesia (for which Noah did extensive research, fact checking, and editing), Story Is a Vagabond: Fiction, Essays, and Drama by Intizar Husain, and Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore.